Here is the yin yang symbol. I think that the Yin Yang looks like some sort of balance between two things such as the evil and the good. this symbol looks really interesting and fascinating.

The concept of yin and yang originates in ancient Chinese philosophy , Yin, the darker element, is passive, dark, feminine, downward-seeking, and corresponds to the night, yang, the brighter element, is active, light, masculine, upward-seeking and corresponds to the day; yin is often symbolized by water, while yang is symbolized by fire.

The Yin/Yang symbol or Taijitu was introduced by Lai Zhide in China during the Ming period. It was invented to represent duality (more than one). The yin yang originally comes from China.

The purpose of Taoism (the yin yang) is to explain how the world operates and the best way to navigate through life.

i think that this symbol is used to represent this religion to let people know that there is dark and there is light and to let people know that there is a fine balance between the dark and the light.

i think that this symbol is really eye catching and bold, it is really effective and symbolizes a big thing in the Chinese religion.


i think that the double headed eagle (Russian history) might symbolize some sort of important person or ruler. this symbol is a eagle with two heads carrying a sword and wearing a crown.

The double-headed eagle is a common symbol in heraldry (armorial bearings) and vexillology (study of flags). It is most commonly associated with the Byzantine Empire, the Holy Roman Empire and Russia. The head on the west represented Rome and the head on the east represented Constantinople.

Emperor Isaacius Comnenus (11th century AD), the first ruling member of the Comnenus dynasty, was the first Emperor who adopted the two headed eagle as the symbol of the Empire.

The double eagle is from the Byzantine Empire, the Holy Roman Empire and Russia.

the purpose is to represent heraldry (armorial bearings) and vexillology (study of flags).

i think that this symbol represents the empire’s nation because it shows that the religion is strong and stands to represent heraldry and vexillology.

i think that this symbol is fairly affective and has a good meaning to it. it is really eyecatchy because you would normally not see a two headed eagle in your everyday life and it shows you that it means something. i think that it represents the nation well and shows that there is a west and a east.



Here is the Nike sign i think that it looks like some sort of check mark or a wing of an angel.

NIKE, is the greek goddess of victory. NIKE is used by a modern company producing running shoes and other  athletic wear. The NIKE ‘swoosh’ embodies the spirit of the winged goddess who inspired the most courageous warriors at the dawn of civilization.  Nike means victory.

Bill Bowerman created Nike, with Phil Knight, who was a student at the UofO at the time.  Bill was a track athlete and coach and dreamt up a new sole that would allow runners better traction on the track.

Nike footwear is from in the state of Oregon in the USA and Nike (the goddess) is from Greece.

the pupose of Nike is to make shoes and other sports that help the athletes in sports and to  improve performance.

i think that they used the nike logo as a checkmark and to maybe not make the logo so hard for the consumer to remember what the logo is.

i think that the symbol is affective and really represents a good foot wear, it shows that the shoe could be really fast since the nike is a wing. i think that it is really eye catching and bold.

i think that symbols in art are mainly used for communication so the people who look at the art can figure out what the symbol represents.

a good logo should be distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and  sends a message.


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